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There was a time not so long ago that my son was addicted to Barney. He would watch only Barney DVDs the whole day. That’s the reason why I have also memorized most of the Barney songs. That’s what also prompted his Dad to buy him a big Barney stuffed toy. At that time–I think he was 2 years old then–that Barney was bigger than him. He already owned a small Barney stuffed toy prior to his Dad buying him the bigger Barney. The smaller Barney was a gift from one of his godparents.

He’s not playing with those stuffed toys anymore, and I already stored them somewhere safe because, according to his pediatrician, stuffed toys collect dust easily, which might be one of the reasons why he suffered from frequent allergic colds and cough before. Since Barney is the only purple toy my son has, I had to take them out again for this week’s Mommy Moments’ theme. Not to be outdone, my son wore a purple shirt, too, for picture taking. So now, the purple boy meets the purple toys. LOL!

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24 Responses to Mommy Moments: Purple

  1. Simply Dyes says:

    awww, cute picture! my son loves barney too!

    But it’s not my purple. Please don’t forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!


  2. anne says:

    My daughter fave too. Yes you are right kaya maybe its time for me to buy a cabinet for the stuff toys.

    Mommy Moments

  3. Pinx says:

    my son was still two when i introduced him to barney but he fell in love with dora! hehehe… visiting your MM entry! here’s mine:

  4. chubskulit says:

    Hi Barney and Justin! So cute.

  5. Willa says:

    Of course,Barney! The most favorite purple dino!!!

  6. i also have memorized all barney songs as well. the perks of being a mom. long live barney! 😉

  7. tejan-laikka says:

    may inaanak ako na barney talaga e ask during birthday nya:)

    good day tech!

  8. January says:

    My son is still 4 months old, kaya hindi pa ako napasubo sa non stop barney on dvd.. hehehe..

    thanks for dropping by..

    My Mommy Moments

  9. Hazel says:

    Barney starred several times in many MM posts this week. There’s something about kids and their stuffed toys that are bigger than they are. You see an aura of cuteness.

  10. Chris says:

    aww… nostalgic moment for you i assume.. Justin is so big now! 😀

  11. peachkins says:

    my daughter didn’t like barney. I wonder why?

  12. Grace says:

    barney is cute…. sarap e hug!

  13. Anna says:

    Oh cute, baby and barney! Have a lovely weekend.

  14. MommyandMatt says:

    I also posted Barney, the purple dino! 🙂 Cute, shows how much he likes BArney

  15. Mirage says:

    I agree, those furry toys too (cats and dogs) are a source of allergy. Cute photo…it’s nice to look back to those years sometimes. 🙂

  16. Mars says:

    we have the same choice of purple! my daughter would also play barney dvd the whole day! i could barely watch tv anymore! ^^,

    Happy MM! 🙂 Here’s my purple entry:

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  17. Olga says:

    i love how your son posed gamely for the camera! happy mommy moments!

    here’s my entry

  18. niko says:

    hay ang cute ni justin mo ha!! purple kng purple 🙂

  19. kimmy says:

    we love BARNEY!

  20. Mona says:

    naku my daughter super addicted to barney especially when she was 2 years old now that she’s 3 parang naiiba na ang gusto. She has that one barney big and the smaller one ..

  21. cheerful says:

    wow, that’s a cute picture with barney! my kids fave too. 🙂 PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great week!

  22. bingkaycoy says:

    My niece loves Barney too. Maybe because of his purple color. Anyway, all you dp is to wash the stuffed toys regularly. You don’t need to store them away if your son still enjoys playing with them.

  23. genefaith says:

    cutie ni Barney:) your Justin is sooo big na:)

    thanks for dropping by…

  24. Frances says:

    Bookmarked, I enjoy your site! 🙂

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