Missing My Son!

Yesterday, after attending a relative’s wedding where Justin got to see his grandparents (my Nanay and Tatay), my son insisted that he would be vacationing at his lolo and lola’s place in Cavite. He said he’d stay there for 12 days only. He even enumerated what he would bring for snacks. I tried to dissuade him from going because I’m not used to sleeping at night without my son by my side. Last night was actually the first time in 4.75 years that we would not be sleeping together, so naturally, this momma would fight for her son. LOL!

When he arrived in Cavite, he called me up three times, which meant he missed Mommy, too. He even told me over the phone: “Mommy, let’s talk and talk, okay?” Of course, I said yes. He even gave me a resounding kiss and said “I love you, Mommy!” I told him I missed him, and he said: “Why do you miss me, Mommy?” and I said, “Because you’re my son, and I love you!”

Justin also talked to his Dad and asked him what he was doing. He also reminded us to switch off the lights in our house at 8:30 last night for Earth Hour and to go out of the house and have a picnic because according to him, that’s what they were going to do in Cavite.

I had a dream that woke me up this morning; in my dream, my parents were telling me that Justin bumped his head. I called up my parents’ house right away, and I was glad to know nothing bad happened. That’s how paranoid I am when it comes to my son. I even gave my parents instructions on his sleeping and food habits, so they’ll be properly guided.

My son and I saw each other again today in church; he went with his grandparents and Tita Meann all the way from Cavite. This afternoon, however, they all went home to Cavite again, so yes, this is the second night that my son won’t be sleeping with Mommy. He was so excited to leave, and I wasn’t too ecstatic about it. As much as I hate to admit it, this momma is jealous.

Now, I need to keep myself busier to prevent me from missing my son, like right now, I just finished doing makeup work, and I’m now doing a research on basement moisture for my writing tasks. I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently for 12 days to be over and for my son to be with Mommy again.

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  1. ceemee says:

    I also miss my daughter when she went on a playdate, and it’s not even overnight. I am glad I have time to rest but the house is so quiet without her, hehe! It’s but natural to miss the kids since they are close to our hearts.

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