Me, Our TV and Our Plasma TV Mount

Three years ago when we moved in to our one-bedroom condo unit in Ortigas, my husband made sure we’d have a big TV in our living room; that’s because he’s a certified TV and movie addict. LOL! That big TV was the first appliance he bought for our new place in 2008. He scouted out plasma TV mounts in different stores in different malls until he found the one we both liked. The plasma TV mount he chose was a space saver, quite appropriate for our tiny home. It’s also multifunctional because we’re able to use its many “compartments”–I’m not sure if I’m using the right word here–for storing most of our son’s stuff. Today, that plasma TV mount still stands, and I had my picture taken last Saturday beside it.

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2 Responses to Me, Our TV and Our Plasma TV Mount

  1. anne says:

    I always wanted to have a TV plasma but I am confused because I am sure my little tea pod here would just push it like the tv that we have here good thing it is not plasma hehehe so she it is heavy for her to push it through lol.

  2. Plasma TV MOunt is a good space saver…I want to have one din kaya lang bawal sa aming inuupahang apartment. Hopefully paglipat namin sa aming house this summer….

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