Doll Joy Factory Field Trip

Last February 22, 2011, my son’s school had an educational field trip to Doll Joy Factory in Pasig City. I wasn’t able to join my son because I had a commitment on that day, too, but I made sure his yaya was there to see to his needs and to take pictures of what they saw inside the factory. I had to pay Php150.00 each for my son and his yaya for this field trip.

There were so many different dolls inside: sports dolls, clown dolls, ballerina dolls, Christmas dolls and dolls from around the world. The kids also had the chance to dress up the dolls on their own.

I particularly like the dolls wearing different school uniforms. They’re so cute!

That’s my son holding his newly bought robot (Php180.00) from the factory.

It took them almost two hours to tour the entire factory. My son was too tired when he got home that he didn’t have time to eat lunch anymore. He really enjoyed this educational field trip to Doll Joy Factory and he said he wanted to go back there.

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4 Responses to Doll Joy Factory Field Trip

  1. I Love-Hate America by Bing says:

    That must be an awesome trip for a kid…..I imagine I love toy field trips before when I was a kid.

    • penelope says:

      Hi! am sure bsobra nagenjoyed mga bata sa field trip nila where is the exact location nor website ng doll factory so that I can bring my son and daughter there tnx so much

  2. bea says:

    it’s so pretty and lovely dolls so enjoyable in our field trip in st. john mary vianney academy! thanks doll joy!

  3. aaliyah says:

    where is i want to go there it s so nice

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