Be a Responsible Smoker!

“Smoking is dangerous to your health.” That’s the warning written in every cigarette pack that smokers consume. However, smokers don’t heed this warning as they keep on buying one cigarette pack after another. Even if they know the ill effects of smoking on their health, they simply can’t stop because they’re addicted to smoking. And if that’s not bad enough, other people get affected, too; they get to inhale secondhand smoke, which is just as bad as firsthand smoke.

I’ve heard about electronic cigarettes as a good alternative to smoking. Now, I don’t advocate smoking, but for those who can’t fight the urge to smoke whenever, wherever, I suggest they go for an ecigarette instead. Ecigarettes don’t produce ash, which means less waste, and more importantly, they don’t produce offensive smoke, which spares the people around the smokers. Personally, I think the best alternative is to quit smoking. I know it’s hard but not impossible.

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3 Responses to Be a Responsible Smoker!

  1. Pepper says:

    Wow, I never knew there was an ecigarette! might check this out..thanks

  2. Jaja says:

    True. If those smokers can’t get rid of this bad habit, then they should resort to ecigarettes. Smokers should consider other people’s health. 🙂

  3. anne says:

    Sometimes they are just too insensitive they smoked in a public places, kainis. GRRR

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