Valentine Candy Exchange

Nope, what you’re seeing in this photo are not envelopes for cash advances. The three small envelopes are part of my son’s school’s Valentine Candy Exchange. To celebrate Love Day in school, the preschoolers were given 3 small envelopes last week with the following instructions:

1. Complete the love sentence in each of the envelope.
2. Sign your family’s names on it.
3. Put a piece of candy or chocolate inside.
4. Seal the envelopes and send them back to school by February 10.

We came up with the following definitions of love that we wrote on the three small envelopes: (1) Love is sharing; (2) Love is giving hugs and kisses; (3) Love is going to the mall with Mommy and Daddy. Instead of our family name, we wrote our son’s full name on the envelopes. We also put two small chocolates inside each envelope.

Last Monday, Valentine’s Day, the children exchanged envelopes with one another. My son said he received 4 chocolates and one lollipop. Those made my little boy really happy!

What did your kids do in school on Valentine’s Day?

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2 Responses to Valentine Candy Exchange

  1. Grace says:

    That activity is just soooo cool. The teacher who thought of that should really be kissed a thousand fold 🙂

  2. Russ aka Grampy says:

    That was a great idea. I volunteer to give the teacher the kisses.LOL I know the children had to have loved it.

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