My Pre-kindergartner Has Math Homework

Wednesday of last week, January 26, I was surprised when my son told me that he had Math homework that he needed to do and bring to school the next day. He had to solve simple addition problems. I told him we’d do it after I’m done with work. (Note: My son is only 4 ½ years old and he is in pre-kindergarten class.)

But my son couldn’t wait that long so he started doing his homework on his own while having lunch and watching TV. As you can see, he is a multitasker just like me. LOL! He used his fingers for counting, but he had a harder time when the numbers that he needed to add went beyond six for either hand.


To help him solve addition problems better, we practised some more before he slept that night. I asked him questions like “Daddy has five pesos, and Mommy has 4 pesos. If you add 5 and 4, how much will you have? To add humor to our Math lesson, I followed that up with this question: Will 9 pesos be enough to buy gold coins, to which he replied, “I don’t know, Mommy.” But will 9 pesos be enough to buy a new toy? My little boy answered: “No. I need 1-0-0 (Php100.00) to buy a not-so-expensive toy.” Smart boy!

Anyway, I didn’t know that preschoolers these days are doing addition problems already. I learned addition when I was in Grade 1. I didn’t even have to go to preschool then. It was already big school for me right from the start. However, with these changes, I believe kids should enrol in preschool first before going to big school. That makes them more equipped for the challenges ahead.

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3 Responses to My Pre-kindergartner Has Math Homework

  1. Chris says:

    yeah.. grade 1 has multiplication and division too!!

  2. RONE says:

    It's ridiculous that children below 6 have any homework at all. And addition? I'm with you about learning that in Elementary school. This is precisely why I was very particular about the school of my kids.

  3. rjs mama says:

    lessons these days are more advanced already. my 9 year old has simple algebra na, very simple lang naman but still way more advanced than what i was learning when i was his age

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