Mommy Moments: New Family Photo

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It’s very seldom for us to have a complete family photo because usually, my husband and I take turns capturing precious moments of us with our son or just taking solo pictures of our son. My husband is the family’s appointed photographer, so me and my son have more pictures together.

We were in Shangri-La Mall last Saturday for our dental appointments, and we tried one of the new restaurants there, too: the Sing Hainanese Chicken House. Nope, the place doesn’t have mini chandeliers that might have caught our little boy’s fancy; we simply wanted to try their house specialties. I’ll write a separate post on that soon. Our family picture below was taken by Justin’s yaya while we’re waiting for our orders.

Have you had your family picture taken lately?

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12 Responses to Mommy Moments: New Family Photo

  1. seth says:

    same pla tayo mommy minsan lang magka family picture…puro picture lang ng anak…hehehe 🙂

  2. jellybelly says:

    mommy techa, kami we have very few family pics as well. note to self: take more family pics 🙂

  3. chubskulit says:

    What a beautiful family you have ate Tetcha! Bibong bibo si Justine lagi.

    My Mommy Moment Post, have a good weekend!

  4. LesleyanneYP says:

    you have a very beautiful family! happy weekend!

  5. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    I love all the family photos today, although I never visited anyone yet with professionally taken one, but I think all photos are so great!

  6. Enchie says:

    It's nice to see your lovely family again Mommy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. bev says:

    happy mommy moments! nice pic po…

    my MM post .

  8. sHeNgKaY says:

    nice pix!

    treasure talaga always if may family picture..

    ..happy MM!

  9. lyzacruz88 says:

    cherish the moment mommy…nice family pic also 🙂

  10. kimmy says:

    oh… very sweet! keep it up, girl! Happy MM!

  11. Chris says:

    as long as the family is together.. masaya! 😀

  12. march on... says:

    a family that eats together, stays happy together 🙂

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