Are You Prepared for the Worst?

Death is a topic we’d like to avoid because it is something we don’t want to happen to us or any member of our family and even to our friends. Death is something unavoidable, however. The loss of a loved one is not only emotionally devastating but financially crippling as well. Planning ahead for such an occurrence is vital, therefore.

When we received a call in December 2007 that my father-in-law died, I was actually worried for my husband. You see, he’s an only son and he has no other immediate relatives here. That meant he had to shoulder all the funeral expenses alone. It was a good thing that my husband purchased a Burial Insurance for his father a few years ago.

All we had to do was call the insurance agency’s branch in Cebu and notify them of my father-in-law’s whereabouts. They took care of everything. We had to pay for my father-in-law’s cremation, however, because that wasn’t part of our insurance policy. We would have incurred great debts for the funeral services for my father-in-law if not for that Seniors Burial Insurance that my husband bought earlier.

One important lesson we learned from this experience is this: We have to prepare for the inevitable. Getting insurance from GEICO or any insurance company for that matter is a good thing after all.

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  1. march on... says:

    I agree with this. That's why even if it really takes a toll on our budget I got a memorial plan as early as now. Better now that were young and working than later when were just too old and retiring already.

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