Age-defying Facial at Forever Flawless

Because I’ll be celebrating my birthday in a few days and because I promised to pamper myself more this year as part of my 2011 resolutions, I went to Forever Flawless at Robinsons Galleria last Sunday, January 23, to have an age-defying facial. This type of facial treatment restores elasticity, boosts the skin’s natural ability to stimulate collagen and visibly diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

While I waited for a beauty specialist to attend to me, I had a chat with the people at the reception area. They’re very friendly, by the way! One of them happened to be the store supervisor, but I didn’t catch her name. I even asked her if it’s alright to have my picture taken while undergoing a procedure inside their clinic, but she said she still has to ask permission from the higher-ups, so I did not insist anymore.

Melody, or Mhel for short, was the beauty consultant/specialist assigned to me, and she nicely ran me through the steps of the age-defying facial. For all of those who haven’t experienced this facial treatment before, here’s what you can expect during the procedure, as I remember them.

Step 1: Essential oil to relax
Step 2: Foaming
Step 3: Facial massage
Step 4: Facial scrub
Step 5: Steaming
Step 6: Eye de-stressing and placing of eye patch
Step 7: Placing of hot moist pack on my hands
Step 8: Vacuuming of face
Step 9: Pricking
Step 10: Application of witch hazel toner on face
Step 11: Laser
Step 12: Application of age-defying mask
Step 13: Application of hot towel on the face
Step 14: Application of cold towel on the face
Step 15: Application of skin disinfectant on the face
Step 16: Application of Vitamin E and water-based moisturizer on the face

Regarding Step No. 7, I was surprised when Mhel placed hot moist pack on my hands and said that it’s to relieve stress and back pain. This, she said, is an added service to their clients. I liked this very much! Mhel even massaged my back while waiting for the appointed time to remove my age-defying mask. I loved that, too! The age-defying facial cost Php490.00 and lasted for an hour.

Next time, I’ll have my facial warts removed and I will try their Power Peel.

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4 Responses to Age-defying Facial at Forever Flawless

  1. Denesa says:

    Please check it out at my site for an award that I am passing on to you:)

  2. Renz says:

    wow I would love to try it! minus the pricking parang hinde ko carry though I've tried it na.

    Did your face go red afterwards?

  3. Vera says:

    Forever Flawless is with BeloMed right? I want to try their services too.

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