Stylish Medical Scrubs

Justin’s favorite cousin, Ate Ayie, is a registered nurse. She passed the nursing board exam last February. While waiting for the result of the board exam, she applied for a job as a drug store pharmacy assistant in Cavite for which she got accepted. That’s because she really wanted to experience earning her own money after graduation, and this opportunity presented itself right on time.

She doesn’t intend to stay there for long, however, because she plans to practice her profession in 2011. That’s what we really want for her, to work in a hospital setting and apply what she learned in school. I also want to see her donning her medical nursing scrubs, a tangible proof that we now have a nurse in our family.

You know, I really like looking at doctors, nurses, and health and medical workers wearing scrubs and hospital uniforms because these make them look neat and respectable. Of course, fashionable scrub sets are a standout. I would also be delighted to see nurses and doctors wearing stylish surgical scrub hats. Yes, these are available, too, at affordable prices. Blue Sky Scrubs is a great place to buy medical scrubs online.

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