Soyami Soya Chips: A Healthy Snack Food

Do your children love junk food? Do you worry that your kids will become overweight because of eating salty and oily bags of chips day in and day out? Are you looking for a healthy snack food for your kids? Then try Soyami Soya Chips.

Soyami Soya Chips is made from 100% soya. According to the Soy Foods Association of North America, soy blends well with other ingredients, and they are tasty alternatives to meat and dairy. Soy also contains essential vitamins and minerals that are important for our kids’ growth and development. Soy is high in protein and fiber and helps decrease calories, cholesterol, fat and saturated fat.

What’s more, Soyami Soya Chips has no MSG, no trans-fat, and it’s non-GMO. (Note: GMO means genetically modified organism.). It also comes in three exciting flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar. Kids will surely love Soyami Soya Chips as their snacks at home or in school or as side chips along with their favorite sandwich. Crushed Soyami Soya Chips can also be used as breading for chicken fingers, as extender in chicken nuggets or as topping for soups and salads.

Soyami Soya Chips are now available in selected leading supermarkets, such as Robinsons Supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, Puregold, Hi Top, Landmark, all Fitness First branches and next month at Rustan’s, Shopwise and other supermarkets.

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2 Responses to Soyami Soya Chips: A Healthy Snack Food

  1. Earth says:

    i love SOYA myself. isn't it what 'TAHO' is made of?

  2. Anonymous says:

    just inquired soyami soya chips today at makro cainta, puregold, unimart and robinsons place cainta and ever gotesco pasig.. none of them seem to carry to products. pls. let me know where to find your product. appreciate your immediate reply via email pls… good luck to your innovations. how about soybetes ice cream?? more new innovations to come. more power!! angel

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