Pamper Your Skin with Body Shop’s Moringa Milk Body Lotion

Moringa (malunggay) is called the “Miracle Tree” because all of its parts (leaves, seeds, pods, fruits, flowers, roots, and bark of the tree) can be utilized, that is, every part of this miracle tree has a beneficial property.

Moringa is an important food source in many countries, and because it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, it can fight hunger and malnutrition. Moringa is also proven effective in curing various illnesses, such as skin infections, gastric ulcers and swelling. It can also lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Realizing the many benefits of Moringa, Body Shop has come up with their own Moringa skin product: the Moringa Milk Body Lotion. The protecting goodness of Moringa seed oil provides lightweight moisturization that is ideal for normal to dry skin.

I was one of the lucky moms who received this gift during our mommy bloggers’ Christmas party held at Legend Villas last December 11, 2010. I’ve been using this body lotion for several days now. I love that it keeps my skin hydrated all day. Getting used to its scent took a while, but I discovered it actually smells good once applied on the skin. Body Shop’s Moringa Milk Body Lotion is definitely worth a try.

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