Mommy Moments: Little Christmas Tree

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I really meant to bring our camera to the mall to find the littlest, cutest Christmas tree for this week’s theme, but because I’m so busy, I didn’t have time to do that. I don’t really need to look far, however, to join Mommy Moments this week because we have a teeny-weeny, green and glittering Christmas tree right at home.

Our little Christmas tree has been standing tall and proud at the top of our kitchen cupboard since two Christmases ago, together with its little buddies, Santa and Frosty. Actually, those three are the only Christmas decorations we have in our house since 2008. That’s because our one-bedroom condo unit is too small to accommodate a bigger Christmas tree and other Christmas trimmings, so I didn’t bother decorating anymore.

Yesterday, my son asked me, “Mommy, where are our Christmas decorations?” I pointed him to these three tiny Christmas figures, and he said, “No, Mommy, the Christmas decorations on the wall. We don’t have those.” I just kept quiet because I don’t have plans of buying anymore, next Christmas, maybe. So that’s the story of our little Christmas tree.

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12 Responses to Mommy Moments: Little Christmas Tree

  1. Jes says:

    ay nabura ung comment ko lol ;)) ahhaha nweis ang cute ng xmas tree mo tlga…sosyal pang condo tlga :))

  2. chubskulit says:

    That's very cute and unique ate!

    Our Christmas Tree

  3. Chris says:

    i think this is the most little Christmas tree ive seen today! 😀

  4. iamclarizze says:

    very unique christmas tree, it may be small, but im sure it's pack w/ lots of christmas spirit: love and giving this season:)

  5. Clang says:

    Same here,Mommy Tetcha!Pag bumili kami ng malaking Christmas tree baka sa labas na kami matulog lol!Cutie lil tree^_^

    Mommy Moments

  6. AnneYP says:

    wow, so cute..

  7. anne says:

    ang cute pero ang ganda

  8. Willa says:

    Cute nga eh, kami rin, hindi pwede ang gigantic tree dito sa place namin ngayon.

  9. Jona says:

    what's impt. is the spirit of christmas still lives in your home 😀

    Mommy Moments this week

  10. kimmy says:

    very cute! ang simple lang pero nakakatuwang tingnan..

  11. mjrodriguez says:

    very nice teeny weeny christmas tree 🙂

  12. darly says:

    kids are so fascinated talaga about christmas tree, kaya they get excited to have one too in their houses. love the miniature tree!!

    my entry is a bit late, hope you'd check it out too

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