What’s Next after Christmas, Mommy?

My son looks forward to different occasions for celebration. When they celebrated United Nations Day in school last October, he asked me what event comes next, and I said Halloween. He was so excited, like all kids were, waiting for the day when he could finally join his classmates in trick-or-treating. He went home with his pumpkin basket full of sweet treats that day, some of which I gave away to my parents so they could also distribute to neighboring kids in their place. Now, he’s eagerly anticipating Christmas and naming the gifts he wants to receive from Santa Claus.

Last night at bedtime, he asked me what’s next after Christmas. I said New Year. He didn’t want to stop there because he wanted me to go on and tell him what events/occasions will happen each month. So I said, “New Year, Valentine’s Day, Graduation Day, Summer, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Linggo ng Wika, United Nations Day, Halloween and Christmas.”

Mommy: Oh, I think I forgot something, baby!

Justin: What, Mommy!

Mommy: Your birthday! You will celebrate your birthday in July. You’ll be 5 years old already!

Justin: Again? Why does everything happen again and again? Why do we have to celebrate birthdays every time?

Mommy: Because that’s the way things are, baby! Besides, don’t you like to receive gifts on your birthday or on Christmas Day?

My son didn’t answer. He simply moved on to the next topic as if nothing happened.

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  1. Sound Proud International says:

    kids innocence on a lot of things is very amusing and funny too.
    endless questions and sometimes we ran out of answers to them.

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