Our Boracay Escapade: Day 2

It was raining hard when we woke up on our Day 2 in Boracay. We decided to wait for the rain to stop before heading to the beach. We went to the Seabreeze Café first to have our complimentary buffet breakfast. You can tell from the picture below that I had a “sinful” meal that day. LOL!

Then, we were off to the beach to swim and play! Boracay Beach is at its most beautiful in the morning because you can see the powdery white sand and the crystal clear waters.

While my husband and my son were frolicking in the beach, my sister and I tried to take pictures of us doing jump shots. It was not easy, I tell you, but after so many tries, we finally did it!

We also bought hats and shades to complete our beach getups. Too bad, there wasn’t a hat for kids!

My husband and my sister also tried helmet diving where they were asked to wear a 21-kilo helmet, climb down 10 to 12 feet under the sea, feed the fish and have their pictures and videos taken. I wasn’t as brave as they were, so my son and I just waited for them at the helmet diving platform.

We had no more energy to go somewhere else to have lunch so we decided to dine in again at Seabreeze Café and just ordered Calamares and Filipino Beef Steak.

Then, it was swimming time again! After we’re done swimming, we decided to have dinner at Gazebo Grill and had grilled chicken and grilled squid that went well with their complimentary dessert of mango crepe. The mango crepe was yummy! We didn’t manage to take a picture of this, however.

We settled down for the night in our hotel room early because we barely slept on our first night here in Boracay because of too much excitement. It’s also because of the same reason that I forgot a few things when I packed our bags. I forgot to bring mens vitamins for hubby and a digital thermometer for my son. Since they’re both doing okay, I guess all is well!

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4 Responses to Our Boracay Escapade: Day 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bongga ka day! Feeling nasa vacation talaga pag nasa Boracay ka… Miss going there! -Hilda J

  2. march on... says:

    Boracay is really a summer destination! Nice pics 🙂

  3. Ane says:

    I’ve never been able to successfully take a picture of a jump shot! 😛 Hehe

    Yummy food! 😛

    I love the beach and I really really want to visit Boracay soon! 😀

  4. Mauie says:

    I haven’t tried helmet diving yet. It looks fun!

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