I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I chanced upon this home improvement website today and was able to browse through their gallery of bathroom accessories. Their functional medicine cabinets in particular caught my attention. That’s because we don’t really have a medicine cabinet in our place right now.

To be honest, there’s not one single place in our home where we put all our medicines and first aid kit. Let me see: there are medicines inside a canister on top of our refrigerator, and some of my vitamins are in the side pocket of our fridge cover. My son’s medicines, on the other hand, are in the cabinet directly above our fridge, and some are inside our fridge. We also have a small pouch of medicines and medical gauze for hubby’s occasional travel outside the country that their company provides; this one’s placed on top of our bedroom closet. And, oh, I almost forgot! My husband’s everyday medicines are in a tiny plastic bag on our dining table. In short, medicines are everywhere in our teeny-weeny place, and they’re becoming an eyesore already!

It’s not really what I want for Christmas, but a small medicine cabinet in our bathroom is definitely on top of my list of what we will add to our home next year. That, together with a brand new shoe cabinet, would definitely make our cramped condo unit a tad more organized.

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One Response to I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

  1. Jes says:

    i wanna visit you one time sis and take a look at your condo how you maximized it…mine is gonna be delivered on January 2011 and I wanna design it before i have it rented …:)

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