I Need a Break!

Last night, my husband was excitedly scouting for vacation packages online that we could avail this month or in December. He was asking me what dates I prefer so he can arrange for our family getaway asap. The truth is I couldn’t give him a specific date, but I said, we could leave on a Friday and be back on a Sunday and that I’d bring a laptop along, which means I’m still going to work.

Hubby: What kind of vacation is that if you’re still going to work?

Me: My work will pile up if I don’t do some of it while on vacation.

I told him that because it’s the truth. My work is complicated. I’m not really confined to just one kind of work. I multitask every day. My designation is project manager. I oversee a small group of online writing tutors, and we’re growing! My duties and responsibilities are as follows:

1. I train and hire tutors.
2. I correspond with my tutors re policies and project-related concerns.
3. I correspond with our U.S. client re tutorial concerns, our group’s tutoring schedule every semester, etc.
4. I monitor and record my group’s daily production.
5. I make sure our group meets our monthly production quota.
6. I submit our group’s production report at the end of each month for payroll purposes.
7. I’m also a tutor myself, and I have a fixed schedule every day for my tutorials.

In short, I’m a tutor, trainor, administrator, liaison officer, HR and accounting staff, and project manager all rolled into one! That is why I still work on Saturdays and Sundays. That is why I can’t attend blog events on weekdays, although I do sometimes because I need to go out of my cage. And that is why I have reservations, too, about taking vacations because in the end, I’ll have to make up for all the work that I failed to do.

But, hey, I need to enjoy life, too, so hon, set the date, book the flight and I’ll pack our bags!

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5 Responses to I Need a Break!

  1. kimmy says:

    hey! that's one tough job you got there! do you need another ONLINE TUTOR? lol!

  2. imriz says:

    haha, i think u should consider the hubby's offer.w/ those tasks u have, a weekend get-away is an 'escape'. enjoy!

  3. bingkee says:

    Dear, you're a jack-of-all trades…..multi-tasker…don't you know stress comes easily to people who engage in various multiple tasks? I think, if I were you , is not only to slow down but also pare off your "tasks" or "roles."

    So it's great that you're taking a vacation soon….you need it.

  4. *MrsMartinez* says:

    Hi Tetcha
    I know that it seems hard to be separated with your laptop. I don't think I can do it but I did when I went to Singapore for 3 days. I think your family deserves to be with you in your vacation naks!

  5. ceemee says:

    Wow! You have so many things to do! I guess 24 hour in a day seems not enough right? You even work on weekends when you should be resting. I hope you enjoy your vacation. I think you need it. 🙂

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