Good Health Is Expensive!

My left and right upper arms are sore because of the TDAP and Cervarix shots I received from my OB/Gyn yesterday.

TDAP is the first vaccine for adolescents and adults that protects against tetanus (lock jaw), diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough). In September 2008, my doctor gave me a tetanus shot after receiving an unsightly cut on my right leg from the taxi I rode when I went to the hospital. This year, she gave me the TDAP to protect against not just tetanus, but diphtheria and pertussis as well. She said this vaccine is good for 10 years. This cost me Php1,800.00.

Cervarix, on the other hand, is a vaccine that protects against the two types of human papillomavirus (HPV)–HPV 16 and 18–that cause most cervical cancer. Yesterday was my first shot. I will receive my second shot of Cervarix in January 2011 and my third shot in May 2011. Each shot costs Php3,000.00. The price quotation she gave me last March obviously changed; it was only Php2,500 per shot then.

I also had to consult my OB/Gyn for something that bothers me, which she said was quite normal, and I had to pay more than Php1,000.00 for that. All in all, I had to pay her almost Php6,000.00 for just one visit. Whew! My son also had to receive his H. Influenzae B (HiB) booster shot yesterday, which cost me another Php2,000.00. I was virtually penniless when I left the hospital. Oh, how I wish immunizations are part of our heath insurance!

When I went grocery shopping later yesterday, I was carefully selecting what to put in my grocery cart so I won’t get another shock of my life at the cash register. I was intently looking at the computer monitor if the right price of each item I bought registered on the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner that the cashier was using. I just can’t afford to spend more! LOL!

Anyways, that was how my Saturday went. If there’s one thing I’ve learned yesterday, it’s that good health is expensive, and health is definitely wealth, so stay healthy, everyone!

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2 Responses to Good Health Is Expensive!

  1. nurseabie says:

    Ouch! So it's really true that Cervarix vaccine is painful.huhu. I will have mine this December.

  2. Thomas Clark says:

    Eating whole, nutritious foods can be very expensive, but good health is always cheaper than expensive medicine.

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