Enjoying a Friend’s Birthday Party

We were invited to Gabbie’s 5th birthday celebration at McDonald’s, Shell Emerald, Pasig Bity yesterday afternoon. Gabbie is Justin’s playmate; they met in our building playground when Gabbie was just turning 3 and Justin was only 2 years old. Since then, we were always invited to Gabbie’s birthday celebration, and we always attended.

Because Justin is already four years old, he now enjoys kiddie parties. He liked participating in the parlor games, but I’m sorry to say that he’s not a gracious loser. He wanted so much to win and take home some prizes, but he lost in the first two games he joined. Fortunately for him, he and his yaya won the build-the-highest-plastic-cup-tower game.

The guests were served fried chicken and rice, French fries, sundae, and coke. Like most kids, Justin enjoyed the French fries and sundae. He had a unique way of eating his fried chicken, though. He ate only the crispy, crunchy chicken skin. In short, we had to strip all our chicken parts naked so he could eat all the chicken skin he wanted. How I wish I were younger so I could do exactly what my son was doing without the need to find fat burners that work afterwards. LOL!

Here are some photos taken at yesterday’s celebration

Wearing a party hat

Look, Mom, I’ve got a spider on my face!

Wacky shot!

Justin with Mommy Tetcha and Gabbie with Mommy Rochelle

With McDonald’s mascot, Gabbie, and the other kids

Joining the first parlor game

Building the highest plastic cup tower

Enjoying his prize

Thanks, Rochelle, for inviting us!

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4 Responses to Enjoying a Friend’s Birthday Party

  1. *MrsMartinez* says:

    Galing ng spider art work!

  2. MinnieRunner says:

    Happy Birthday to Gabbie! Justin and I should eat together, I don't eat chicken skin 😀

  3. Rochelle says:

    thanks for coming =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for coming =)

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