Mommy Moments: Kissing Scene

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There’s never a day that I don’t hug or kiss my son and vice versa. I guess that’s part of being a mom. You always want to express your love to your child, and you also want your child to express his love for you.

I hug and kiss my son when he wakes up, when I drop him off at school, when he goes home from school, when he wakes up from his afternoon nap, when he sleeps at night, and anytime I feel like it. My son is a sweet boy; he reciprocates my hugs and kisses, which makes me really happy. I like it even more when he says, “I love you, Mommy!”

I realize I hug my son automatically during picture taking. I also realize that we don’t have photos of our kissing moments. I guess because these moments are spontaneous, they happen very quickly and we’ll much prefer to savor these moments than capture them in photos.

For the sake of Mommy Moments, though, I asked my son to kiss me while his yaya takes our picture. Here’s the end product.

Happy Mommy Moments, everyone!

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10 Responses to Mommy Moments: Kissing Scene

  1. Jes says:

    hihiih cute sis…nakatingin k p sa cam LOL

    nweis i love to kiss n hug dn my kids pero wala kme pattern..basta mayat maya ;)) lalu na ko hhahha ang hilig ko sila tawagin pag busy sila….kiss nmn si momi hehehe and yes mag ki kiss nmn…;) sarap ano???


    nweis ito ang sakin …d kita nakkta sa site ni chris eh…-

  2. *MrsMartinez* says:

    Aaaaaaww! That is so sweet! picture perfect!

  3. mjrodriguez says:

    a very loving kissing scene!

    my youngest loves kissing me when i get home from work. my oldest not so much, teen na kasi, nahihiya na daw siya, haha.

    happy MM!

  4. chubskulit says:

    Oh so sweet, moment like this will be treasured forever especially that it's captured in camera!

    Lovely Kisses at my page.

  5. Mel Cole says:

    I'm kilig Te Tetch! Your son loves you and you are a sweet Mom.

    Hope you can visit my MM when you have time. It's in my Heart's content blog.

  6. anne says:

    What a sweet kissing scene, my youngest daughter everytime she was hurt she always comes to me to asked me to kiss her the hurt area, as if my kiss could heal lol mine is up and its here thanks

  7. ☆♥Shydub♥☆ says:

    awww ang sweet ng justin mo tetcha. minsan ayaw magpapicture ng mga anak natin kapag humahalik ug hug.

  8. Chris says:

    true… that is the very reason why i thought of today's theme… 🙂

    thanks for joining us every week tetcha! i really appreciate it!

  9. seth says:

    Me too…I have only one picture of our kissing scene…and i must say that boys are really loving and more attach to their moms and vice versa…

  10. kimmy says:

    you're right! because you are focused on 'expressing' your affection rather than the photograph, lol!

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