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Last Saturday, all three of us (hubby, Justin, and me) went to Hotel H2O, Lo-ok Room (that’s inside Manila Ocean Park), Luneta, Manila to attend Eye Am Smart, a brain-vision learning experience for parents and their children aged over 3 years. The event was sponsored by Gain School Advance with the support of Mommy Academy.

Event host: Honey of QTV

Mr. Bert Valenzuela gave a talk on Vision and Brain Development in Children. Here are some things I learned from him:
– Visual and auditory senses are the first to be developed in children.
– 80% of what your child learns is acquired through vision.
– Bad eyesight can affect brain and other types of development in children.

There are also things we can do to help in our children’s brain-vision development, namely:
1. Create a learning environment at home.
2. Encourage kids to engage in educational activities and games.
3. Make communication a priority; read, play and sing to them.
4. Develop and hone other skills.
5. Get children to sleep for at least 10 hours.
6. Give children proper nutrition.

According to him, PROPER NUTRITION = Good Eyesight and Optimum Brain Development. We should avoid giving our children foods high in sugar, trans-fat, MSG and food coloring. We should give them instead fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, grains and milk. Gain School Advance is high in taurine (for vision development), choline (for memory development), and DHA, vitamins and zinc (for brain development).

Aside from the informative talk, there were also games for moms and kids and a puppet and magic show by Zam. Gain’s mascot, Rosco, was also present to entertain the kids.

They also have a brain-vision booth where parents can seek expert counseling and nutrition counseling for their children.

The big aquarium inside the Lo-ok Room was an added attraction. My son had a grand time taking pictures of the different types of marine life inside it.

Other sponsors of the event include Adarna House, Esono Corporation, Scholastic Book Fairs, Angel’s Pizza, Blow-Up Babies and Abbott International.

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4 Responses to Eye Am Smart from Gain School Advance

  1. Chris says:

    looks interesting!

  2. Mama Ko says:

    Thats a great learning experience for Justin tapos enjoy pa sa bonding moment.

  3. nuts says:

    wow, great event!

  4. maya says:

    For all those who are interested to come to EYE AM SMART event of Gain School Advance this coming Nov.6 ( Tiendesitas ) & Nov. 7 ( Manila Ocean Park ) . All for Free! Please let me know…=)


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