What’s Your DVD Player Brand?

In one of my April posts, I wrote about how we have switched from one DVD player to another in the past. We’ve tried Xenon twice, Sansui, and NextBase. What we’re currently using at home is our fourth DVD player. Nope, our first three DVDs didn’t just malfunction; someone was responsible for the way they turned out to be, my son. He does wonders to these poor gadgets, you see. Our current DVD player is now off-limits to him. We’re not letting him touch the remote control or the DVD player itself. If he wants to watch a movie, we make sure we’re the ones operating the DVD player. We do this with one purpose in mind, which is to prolong the life of our fourth DVD player. Should our present DVD player break down, too, we plan to buy a Samsung DVD player next time. Have any of you experienced the same problem?

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One Response to What’s Your DVD Player Brand?

  1. Sumandak Kinabalu says:

    Oh dear, I think someday your son will become a great technician, maybe he's just practicing his gift 😉
    Currently, we are using SONY DVD player. Actually it comes with the SONY mini hifi, i guess the player will serve the family in a very long time…

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