Wanted: Perfect Running Shoes

My husband told me yesterday that their office division will be holding a fun run this coming October to help save Pasig River. He said he’ll be joining the 5-kilometer event, which means he’ll run from CCP to MOA. Of course, I approved! I’ve long been encouraging him to engage in physical exercise because the nature of his work puts him at risk for a heart attack. He sits all day at work and sits most of the time at home, which gives him a really sedentary lifestyle. So yes, it’s about time he starts flexing those fats err… muscles. He still has enough time to prepare and buy whatever he needs for this fun run.

First and foremost, he should have good running shoes. I’ve been hearing about MBT shoes for a while now, and I wanted to check if they are any good. According to my research, MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. These shoes were designed to simulate walking around barefoot in the sand. Because walking barefoot is a natural condition for the foot, as opposed to wearing shoes, it is believed that the MBT shoes would be able to produce a more healthful step. Now, hear this: Top fitness figures are claiming that wearing MBT shoes regularly can help a person get in shape and stay fit.

My husband definitely needs those MBT shoes! I should order him a pair now. Better yet, I’ll make him sit in front of the laptop to find a pair he likes so he can charge it on his credit card instead. Wise wifey, ey?

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  1. Gizelle (mirage) says:

    I got the skechers shape ups, they're really nice but they're just for walking…much cheaper than the mbts 😀 Congratulations for Justin's Nido billboard! 😉 next time there's a promo I'll let you know uli! Take care!

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