Surprise Visitor

Justin’s Ate Ayie, my son’s favorite cousin, texted me this afternoon telling me that she, together with her boyfriend Melvin, would drop by our place to visit. Imagine Justin’s excitement when he heard that! He woke up from his afternoon nap just in time for his Ate Ayie’s arrival.

Because I’m a proud momma, I told Ayie that Justin can now read and to prove that, I made Justin read his Train book to Ate Ayie. Ayie and her boyfriend didn’t stay long, though, because they still had to go to SM Megamall before heading back to Cavite.

Of course, the reunion between cousins won’t be complete without pictures.

When Ayie and her boyfriend were about to leave, Justin told them: “You just arrived here. Why are you in a hurry to leave?” Smart boy! Good thing Ate Ayie found a Cloud 9 chocolate bar inside her bag, which made Justin forget they’re leaving. LOL!

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Talking about relatives, I also miss some of my relatives back home. Wish I can visit them soon.

    Hi sis! Thanks for the visit. Yaan mo, next time, di talaga ako mahihiya. Hihi.

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