Suffering from Eczema?

Do you have patches of dry, itchy skin appearing in different parts of your body? You might be suffering from eczema. Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a very itchy rash that looks like dry skin. Scratching makes the intense itching worse and increases the chance of infection. It is hereditary, but it is not contagious. Eczema also primarily affects people with allergies.

For mild cases, the following measures are recommended: (1) washing with moisturizing soaps, (2) applying moisturizers, and (3) using hydrocortisone cream. If it gets worse, however, it is best to go to the doctor who can prescribe more effective eczema treatments.

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2 Responses to Suffering from Eczema?

  1. meritVCO virgin coconut oil says:

    My 2 years old daughter had eczema since he was four months old.
    I have tried many prescription creams that did not seem to work or worked for only a few days.
    A friend asked me to try MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil. Its worked miracles. I got results in a day.
    There was no itching and the dry patches were gone.
    I now make sure to keep a bottle in the house all the time.
    I have also noticed that water and soap worsen eczema,
    so when he has it, I avoid them on the patches and use the oil instead.

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    Natural Cures for Eczema and psoriasis using MeritVCO Virgin coconut oil

    However I prefer natural treatments for eczema and use coconut oil for healing eczema or dermatitis. Unprocessed organic virgin coconut oil soothes immediately and goes to work on healing eczema, dermatitis or just about any skin condition.

    Patients with eczema have skin that is very sensitive to many substances such as soap, wool, detergents, make-up, cosmetics, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, shampoos, etc. Once skin is exposed to a trigger, it releases chemicals to the surface of the skin causing the patient to itch.

    To achieve control of your ski condition it does take time and energy to follow a successful skin care routine. Skin care routines can be at times time-consuming and may seem monotonous but are necessary and well worth the effort.

    We know that when someone is experiencing stress they are more likely to feel itchy and then start scratching their skin. A school-age child who has poor skin control usually feels isolated from his/her peers and can develop low self-esteem.

    For an attack of eczema, two conditions are necessary: a predisposition or special irritability of the skin, and a directly exciting cause. Another influence that has received increasing attention from skin specialists is that of any shock to the nervous system or prolonged mental stress or strain.

    While we don't understand all the causes of eczema, there is evidence that the following play a role in causing eczema: diet, genetics, the immune system, and abnormalities in the barrier (protective) function of the skin. We do know however that in eczema-prone people, certain things may cause a 'flare' or 'flare-up' or may 'trigger' an episode of eczema.

    There are treatments and remedies that do work for eczema depending on what has caused it. But some types of eczema have no known cause. However usually patients can achieve excellent control and live quite comfortably.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this info i have bought a bottle of MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil and it works great..would recommed you guys to use it.

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