Our Health Insurance Is a Lifesaver!

After my son’s class last Wednesday, I took him to his pediatrician to have his cough and colds checked and to request a prescription for his maintenance medication (Montelukast) and nebulization medications (Ventolin and Budesonide). We needed a prescription for those drugs so we could charge them to my son’s health card.

My husband has health insurance courtesy of his office that extends to me and my son. Our health insurance provides 80% coverage for hospitalization, medical procedures, laboratory tests, and medications.

If not for our health insurance, we wouldn’t be able to afford my open-head surgery in 2004 and my husband’s choledocholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder) in the same year. Our health insurance offers maternity benefits, too. I wonder if a health insurance in NC provides the same coverage.

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