Our Family Movie Date: Despicable Me

Because I wanted so much to unwind after a hectic work week and because my husband and son are raring to go out again, we all decided to watch the movie Despicable Me at Movieworld, Robinsons Galleria yesterday afternoon.

Before we could even buy our movie tickets, Justin’s interest was piqued by this movie poster/movie still of Narnia. This was a good opportunity to take pictures, and Mommy was, as always, ready with the camera.

We bought our snacks at Burger King, and one of the staff put this paper crown on my son and gave him lots of drinking straws to play with.

After eating our snacks inside the movie house, Justin started getting a little restless. I put him on my lap, so we can all finish watching the movie. It didn’t take long for my son to fall asleep, and I dozed off, too. Ergo, only my husband finished the entire film. The bad thing is Justin and I missed the good part of the movie. We paid a hefty amount just to sleep inside the cinema! LOL!

We didn’t let this dampen our spirit, though. Instead, we roamed around the mall, checked out some stalls, and bought a few things for ourselves. Justin wanted a Spiderman watch, and I bought a new bangle for myself. We had ice cream, too!

I lost count of all the calories I consumed that day from the burger I devoured earlier and the ice cream (it’s not sugar-free! ) that we all had before going home, not to mention the sumptuous lunch and dinner we had at home. Do you think I need Lipo 6 Hers already?

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2 Responses to Our Family Movie Date: Despicable Me

  1. vivapinay says:

    We missed this movie.. showing pa ba ngayon? My kiddos are pestering me to watch this..


  2. Dhemz says:

    awwwww…ang saya-saya…dpa kami naka panood nang despicable me…my daughter is bugging us to watch eh…:)

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