My First BPO Job

I have worked for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies for a total of 12 years already. In the first BPO company that I worked for, I started as a legal document coder, then reviewer, before I became a supervisor. When I started doing supervisory work, I began to be concerned about staff hiring, too, because without the needed people, we won’t be able to complete the assigned projects on time.

Sometimes, there were seasonal projects that would require a lot of people to complete. After Human Resources produced the needed manpower, I would usually do the start-up training before the new hires would be assigned to their respective supervisors.

I was witness to a lot of exciting things happening in the workplace. Good friendships (even romances!) developed; some of our staff ended up marrying each other. Financial incentives were also given to those who would perform above expectations, and of course, some of our staff eventually got promoted, just like me, to train their own people and set good examples for their subordinates to follow.

That first BPO job will always have a special place in my heart. It is there where I learned the value of discipline and hard work and met some wonderful people who would become my friends for life. That company closed down a decade ago, but the good memories of the times we stayed there lingered. So yes, I’d say production jobs can be exciting and rewarding, too.

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