Mommy Moments: Wacky!

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My four-year-old son can be funny sometimes, and it’s one of the things I like about him. His funny antics make me laugh. The pictures below are some of the wackiest shots of my son that I found in my files. Enjoy!

At a kiddie birthday party we attended last March 2010

Before we went to Market! Market! last Saturday

His wackiest shot so far taken at a park in Glorietta

If there’s a contest for the wackiest picture, I think the third photo will be a runaway winner. What do you think?

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17 Responses to Mommy Moments: Wacky!

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    You son looks naturally cute on his 2nd photo. Happy long weekend sis. Napadaan lang.

  2. Divine says:

    i think so too, mommy tetcha! Good catch pa! hehehe! 🙂

  3. scart says:

    you son is so cute. Happy kid indeed. Thanks for sharing mommy 🙂

  4. chubskulit says:

    Hahaha wacky din pala ang gwapitong mong anak ate.

  5. *♥Shydub♥* says:

    Hehehe the last picture tetcha made me laugh, aba ang seryoso ng nanay sa posing sinira ba naman sa wacky and silly face ni justin hehe kutit ano

  6. Cecile says:

    I agree, his wackiest is the third one; i love them all. Justin is so handsome.

  7. Mom-Friday says:

    I noticed most kids have the same wacky smile with their squinted eyes and big wide grin! :))) Ang kulit talaga tingnan! Justin looked like he was having fun talaga in each pic!

  8. imriz says:

    love the last pic too. ung tipong super pose si mommy w/a great smile, taz si justin nman making funny face ang trip, haha

  9. Mommy Liz says:

    Hehehe, it is indeed wacky photo. Yung expression nya parang unique. I also love the first picture, I don't think I ever seen my son posing like that, masyadong conscious yun sa kanyang looks, si bunso ko ang scary naman kung mag wacky pose..

  10. Hazel says:

    I just love it when a kid looks happy, bonus on the wacky face 🙂 I love all these shots.

  11. Kayce says:

    he loves making wacky faces indeed sis! i also love his last wacky and cutie pic. love it!

    here's my wacky padiding pics too. thanks!

  12. anne says:

    yeah the third photo will definitely win cute kasi din eh hehehe

  13. redamethyst says:

    wacky kung wacky talaga. hehehe.
    marunong magpose ng wacky ang anak mo. heheh

  14. kimmy says:

    i SO love the first picture. so wacky yet so innocent. nice post!

  15. seth says:

    children maintains there charm even they make wacky poses in front of the camera! nice pictures 🙂

  16. Rossel says:

    winner ang wacky shots ni Justin. so cute!
    thanks for visiting my entry, mommy.
    Wacky Shots

  17. Chris says:

    a winner indeed! 😀 he is so cute!

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