Making Sure My Son Is Safe

As a mom, I’m always concerned about the safety and security of my son. When Justin was just a baby, I made sure our home was infant-friendly to avoid cuts, bumps, or falls. Aside from ensuring that he’s properly nourished, I also religiously took him to his pediatrician for his vaccinations and wellness check. I also saw to it that he’s using the right medicines for his needs. Finally and most importantly, I was showing him love that only a mother can give.

I have never changed my mothering ways from then to now that he’s already a preschooler. I have actually become more paranoid now about his well-being because he can get rough when he plays, which causes him to get hurt sometimes.

Now, my four-year-old loves going to the malls, playing arcade games, and getting on kiddie rides as much as he can. Last Saturday, when to went to Market! Market!, we took him to Blanche Kiddie Rides. It was Justin’s first time there there, and before I let him try the rides, I made sure everything was safe.

In the pictures below, you’ll see him wearing a helmet to protect his head in case he falls due to a wrong turn or in the event that his motorbike collides with another car. I also instructed his yaya to be constantly at his side to protect him from getting hurt. And because no helmet is required when riding the kiddie cars, I made him wear his baseball cap instead; that’s to protect him from the sun.

Wearing helmet for head protection

That’s Justin’s yaya in white shirt and blue pants trailing along

With absorbent cloth on his back for sweat protection

Wearing his baseball cap to protect him from the sun

I’m sure I’m not the only mom in the world who is so particular about her child’s safety. I’d like to hear your thoughts, too, on how you protect your child from harm.

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5 Responses to Making Sure My Son Is Safe

  1. Mom-Friday says:

    wow Justin has a cool ride!
    I just make sure we are within reach when the kids go on rides, i guess because they are bigger now

  2. imriz says:

    second the motion here. most of the times, yes, we're being paranoid:) we just want to make sure our kids don't get hurt.

  3. ibyang says:

    i remember there was a saying about being a mom–that's it's like you have your heart outside your body…your heart being your child. even if i'm not a mom yet, i understand how it is to have a child and wanting so much to protect them from anything that may hurt them. i guess if i were in your place i would be protective as well. your son is lucky to have a mom like you

  4. The Phenomenal Woman says:

    HI! Because my kids are much older, I usually just stay on the side, and encourage them to explore. I try to expose them to a lot of outdoor sport, but I still do remind them to be cautious.

    Just like you, I make sure that they are always pretected from the sun with a high spf sunblock.

  5. jellybelly says:

    Looks like fun riding those. Since my daughter is still a toddler, she's bound to have falls and scrapes even when watched closely. I always remind her to be careful, watch her head. I see it's effect, when she sits down, it's ever so slowly, when she stands also slowly so she doesn't bump her head.

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