Fun Family Day!

Last week has been a hectic week for me at work. I usually stop working at 5pm, but for three straight days, I ended up working between 7 to 8pm. That is why I decided last Friday after abruptly ending my work that the following day, Saturday, would be leisure time for me and the entire family. I did my grocery shopping on Friday night, early–I usually do this on a Saturday–to make my Saturday afternoon free.

First things first; I had to make a quick trip to Makati Medical Center in the morning for my lipid profile test to recheck my triglyceride, good and bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels. Then after lunch, we went straight to Market! Market!
Of course, we had to give in to our son’s whims first, so we took Justin to Blanche Kiddie Rides to ride a motorbike and a car (or was it a jeep?). He really enjoyed driving the motorbike ; he actually rode it twice. He spent a total of 40 minutes in the kiddie rides, and we spent Php200.00 ($4). And guess who we saw yesterday? Niko of Niko’s Blog was also there with her lovely daughter Yena and Yena’s cousins, I think.

“Look, Mom, I’m driving!”

Niko and Yena with Tetcha and Justin

Then, it was eating time. Because I’m done with my blood test, I decided to give myself a break from my self-imposed low-cholesterol diet. I vowed to eat what I wanted, and we went to one of our favorite dining places before, Shakey’s. They have an ongoing promo right now, and we chose to order a package good for 5 to 6 persons. They call this package Deal 2, and it costs Php835.00 ($19) plus service charge). The package consists of a spaghetti platter served with garlic bread, a large thin crust Manager’s Choice Pizza, Buddy Pack Chick’n’Chips (5 pieces), and a pitcher of house blend iced tea.

Why aren’t you smiling, Daddy?

Yummy spaghetti!

Manager’s Choice Pizza

Chick ’n’ Chips

I missed eating here, really, and I enjoyed what we ordered. We had leftovers that we took home for our dinner later.

Next stop was Fashion Market. This is a shopper’s haven. It’s a tiangge (flea market) where you can find all sorts of items where you can haggle the prices of the items you want to buy. I bought a bolero, a polo shirt, and two sleeveless tops for only Php1,050.00 ($23). Hubby bought a pair of jeans worth only Php350.00 ($8). I also bought a Secosana bag on our way out. It’s on sale, by the way! I was alive!

A little shopping was what I needed to revitalize after a really stressful work week. We will go back again to this place one of these days to see some of their kids’ stuff. Justin was happily eating ice cream while Mommy and Daddy looked around. Before we finally left the mall, Justin spotted a train book (a book shaped like a train) that he asked his Daddy to buy for him.

We all went home happy: Justin had a grand time at at Blanche Kiddie Rides, we enjoyed good food at Shakey’s, and we shopped a little, too. I wish we can do this everyday!

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4 Responses to Fun Family Day!

  1. Cielo of Brown Pinay says:

    Hi…working mom here also…it is always nice to see fellow Pinay blogger over the Net moreso a working mom like me…may super powers nga tayo – loving mom and wifey, blogger at dakilang empleyado…

  2. Mylene says:

    Glad to know that you had a great weekend mommy! You deserve it for a stressful week.

  3. Renz says:

    wow we should bring Peaches there too! Is Fashion Market open daily? weehheee

  4. niko says:

    korek, kung pwedeng rest and shopping everyday i wont complain lol but life would be boring rin siguro pag ganun 🙂

    nkkatuwa to see u sa market! market! tetcha! ur right mga pinsan ni yena un.. mga pamangkin ni yobib 🙂

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