Bad Cholesterol Update

I mentioned in my previous post that I lost a total of 6 lbs in 3 months (from May to August of this year). When I went to my cardiologist last week, I discovered I lost another pound, so I was able to shed off 7 lbs in 4 months (from May to September). Nope, that’s not because of weight loss diet pills. That’s a product of sheer will and determination.

Because my triglyceride, bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels were high in May, I was advised to exercise and observe a low-rice, low-cholesterol diet. I did all those religiously hoping that I’d have normal lipid profile results on my follow-up visit to my doctor which was last Thursday.

The good news is my triglyceride level is now normal. Yippee! The bad news is my bad cholesterol is still a bit higher than normal, but it has significantly improved. Because my bad cholesterol is still above normal, my total cholesterol level yielded a higher-than-normal result, too. My doctor prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication again for one month. I’ll also have to repeat my lipid profile tests in December.

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2 Responses to Bad Cholesterol Update

  1. Renz says:

    wow! Congrats Tetcha!

  2. I Love-Hate America by Bing says:

    Wow…that's great news…way to go Tetcha….to a happy and healthy new you.

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