Animal Parade!

Last Thursday, September, 23, Justin’s school held an animal parade. Nope, the kids did not bring live animals to school. Rather, the students were asked to come to school dressed up in animal costume or to wear a shirt with an animal picture or print. They also had to bring a toy animal to school (the BIGGER, the better!). My son wore a dark green tiger-print T-shirt. He also brought his big Barney to school on that day.

Posing with Barney at home

With Diego, one of his best friends in school

With his classmate Juaquin

With his classmates inside their classroom

The kids really enjoyed this day. The parents, too, moms especially, had a grand time taking pictures of their precious little ones in school.

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2 Responses to Animal Parade!

  1. *MrsMartinez* says:

    Hello Tetcha!
    It was nice meeting you yesterday! Lovely family you have!
    I'll be seeing you around ad thanks for visiting my blog ; )

  2. mjrodriguez says:

    cool! high-tech na kasi ngayon so we don't need to bring live animals. baka kung ano pa mangyari, lol. virtual and digital pets are fine.

    btw, here's an award for you –

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