Selling Used Textbooks

Money was always a problem when we were still studying. We didn’t come from a rich family, and so we (my sister and brother) had to find ways to save money when we all went to college. When we couldn’t buy our textbooks, we simply borrowed from our classmates, went to the library if copies of those textbooks were available, or just have the assigned pages/chapters of the textbooks photocopied so we could still do our homework at home. During the rare times that we could buy our own textbooks, we cared for them so well so we could still sell them to other students when we no longer needed those books. We sold textbooks so we could buy other things we needed in school without asking money from our parents all the time. Before, a student’s organization in our school facilitated the buying and selling of used textbooks. Advances in technology, however, make it possible now to sell used textbooks online. Now, that’s a great way to sell textbooks!

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  1. Sam says:

    it's a good way indeed to earn money, and dispose of the unused books instead of having them piled in your home. thanks for providing the link.

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