Say No to Reckless Driving!

Next to liars, there’s another group of people that I can’t stand; these are the reckless drivers, those who drive without caution, exposing the lives of their passengers to danger inside and outside the vehicle. They don’t even care if there are child passengers inside. Whenever we go somewhere with our four-year-old son, we usually hail a cab to get to our destination faster. That’s actually for our son’s convenience. You see, he easily gets impatient when he stays too long inside the taxi.

He may be too young, but our son already knows the value of safe driving. When he feels that the taxi is moving too fast, he would get a little panicky and he would tell the driver to slow down a bit and to be careful. Sometimes we’re lucky because there are drivers who would listen to him, but not always. In cases where the driver won’t give in to our son’s request, I would just hold my son tightly to assure him that everything would be okay while throwing angry glances at the driver.

When the ride is over, I would silently curse under my breath and slam the taxi door without giving the driver a second look. If I’m the taxi operator, I wouldn’t entrust my vehicles to these reckless drivers, and if I’m the taxi operator, I’ll make sure my cars are insured. Even the cheapest auto insurance will come in handy. Accidents happen anytime, and they’re more likely to occur if the ones driving the vehicles are careless.

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