Hostage-taking Incident at the Quirino Grandstand: Who’s to Blame?

We were all glued to the television last night watching the hostage drama that was taking place inside the Hong Thai Travel bus at Quirino Grandstand. We awaited with bated breath what was to become of the hostage taker and the people held captive inside the bus.

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According to reports, there were 22 Chinese nationals and three Filipinos inside the bus when Rolando Mendoza, a dismissed policeman, took over the bus yesterday morning demanding his reinstatement into the Metro Manila police force. The 12-hour hostage drama ended in bloodshed when Mendoza was killed by a sniper. Mendoza gunned down eight Hong Kong tourists inside the bus before he got killed. There were 17 hostage survivors.

In his official statement regarding the hostage crisis, President Benigno Aquino III conveyed his deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the hostage situation at Quirino Grandstand. He also identified three reasons why the hostage-taking situation worsened, namely: (1) the letter of the Ombudsman to Mendoza promising him that she will review his case, (2) the presence of the hostage-taker’s brother, and (3) media coverage of the hostage-taker’s brother being taken into custody. He also ordered a thorough investigation of the incident.

Now, who do you think is to blame for the bloody end to the hostake-taking crisis at Quirino Grandstand?

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5 Responses to Hostage-taking Incident at the Quirino Grandstand: Who’s to Blame?

  1. Doods n Bobby says:

    I just have to say something about this matter Tetcha.. I am sorry. But I am sincerely very disappointed at what the President said regarding how the Ombudsman's letter aggravated the situation.

    First, what do they really expect? That the Ombudsman would reinstate him in order for him to stop his hostage-taking? Common… every dismissed government employee would do the same thing if the Ombudsman did that.

    Second, it was CLEAR as the noonday sun from the coverage that it was the apprehension of Mendoza's brother that sparked his running amok.

    It is simply easy for other people to put the blame when they are just back street drivers. Dura lex sed lex… tough luck for Mr. Mendoza but the law is the law.

  2. rjs mama says:

    in my opinion, it's the hostage takers fault. his brother and his brothers children didn't help at all, their drama added to the hostage takers anger.

    so embarrassing! inoys even allowed it to trend on twitter

  3. Anonymous says:

    who would have thought that one person can destroy so many things: peace, the image of a country, the image of his family, and the image of a police officer. Personally, I dont want to pin point and blame it all on anyone, but i do believe that the matter could have been solved in a much batter manner than that of what happened.

  4. Rors says:

    everyone's quick to criticize. pinoys must just learn to move on from here and rebuild its reputation. nice blog here 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Media should have been more wise to think that Mendoza wouldn't see themselves from inside the bus. It was a tourist bus, of course there would be televisions. I just wish they didn't, showing Mendoza how the police were handling his brother. I pity Mendoza, his life is tragic. What more is there to say? At least we know how sorry our President is. That's all we can do so far, thanks for the information. 🙂 I really needed it. I'm grade six and writing for a research. :)) Thanks again.

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