Enough Is Enough!

Today, I asked my 23-year-old helper to leave. That’s because I’ve had enough of her lies. She has been lying to us about her life, her family, and her whereabouts during her days off since Day 1. Her contract with us is supposed to end on August 24, but I don’t want to wait that long. We only found about her string of lies when she went home last Sunday morning.

Because I wasn’t convinced of my helper’s explanation about the cell phone number she was using when I called her last Saturday night, I called the number myself. It was my helper who first answered and I told her I wanted to speak to the owner of the phone. I just wanted to make sure that she really was where she told us she was, in her aunt’s house in Cavite. My helper said the owner of the phone was using the restroom. I said I’ll wait, but the phone line went dead. I tried calling the number again several times, but nobody was answering the phone.

When my helper knocked on my door at 8am the next day, I asked her to give me her aunt’s number, her mother’s number, and her boyfriend’s number. That’s when she admitted the truth. She was not in Cavite the night before. I also talked with her mother and that’s when I learned that my helper has already left her aunt’s house even before we hired her. Her aunt who happens to be a barangay captain in Cavite also called me last Sunday to know what misdeed her niece had done this time.

My helper’s aunt also confirmed that my helper is a big liar. She even encouraged me to scare her niece that I’ll report her to the police if she does anything wrong. She said she and my helper’s mother were already thinking that my helper is either pregnant (I’ve suspected that, too, and was even anticipating birth announcements from her) or she has done something horrible. She assured me one thing, though, that her niece doesn’t steal.

From what I gathered, my helper has a long-standing problem with her mother (or is it the other way around?) and my helper doesn’t want to go anywhere near her mother, so instead of fetching my helper from our place, her mother and aunt decided to let us handle the situation and let our helper go wherever she wants to go. They said she’s old enough to decide for herself; she also texted her mother to leave her alone.

I told my helper that she needed to tell me everything. I asked her about the things she told us in the past, and 99% of what she recounted was false. Now, if you have this kind of helper, would you still entrust your child to her? Since Monday morning, it’s Justin’s lolo (grandfather) who’s been picking up my son from school, and as always, I’m the one bringing him to school.

Today, I made my helper admit another lie, and that was it! I don’t need a liar in my house! Now, a friend has told me what her helper told her– that my helper owed another helper in my son’s school money amounting to Php650.00. I asked my helper before she left if she has unsettled debts here, and she said none! Now, who’s going to pay for that?

I already reported what my helper did to the agency where we got her, and they’re waiting for her right now to report to their office for questioning. I’ve missed my afternoon work today waiting for her to pack her things and leave. She left our building at 1:16pm; it’s already 4:04, and she’s still not in her agency’s office.

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3 Responses to Enough Is Enough!

  1. Levy says:

    Nakaka relate ako dito, kaya ako umalis ng work dahil din sa helper ko na 1week naman pag nag day-off! sa 1week nyang vacation pati ako tuloy vacation din sa office kaya imbes na mag-away kami ng management nag resign na lang ako.

    Hirap maghanap ng matinong helper.

  2. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Tetcha, regret to read about your 'helper's' problems. You doing the right thing.
    I guess she needs professional help…..
    Hope she has not left anything messy behind.
    And hope you get a better one soon.
    Best wishes, Lee.

  3. K says:

    precisely why i chose to become a WAHM. hirap magtiwala. kahit nga minsan kakilala mo hindi mo pa rin masisigurado e. hays. well, i say good riddance and hope you find a suitable replacement soon.

    mishu mommy tetcha! mwah!

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