An alarming text message from my younger sister yesterday afternoon made me totally forget the CAD drawing that I was supposed to download for a friend. She said she was bitten by a stray cat outside their house earlier that day which resulted in three deep wounds in her right leg (1 tooth mark in front and two lacerations at the back). Because the bite wounds were bleeding and because she didn’t know what to do, she pressed all her wounds to let the blood out and poured alcohol on them. She learned later that what she did was wrong. She should have just washed the wounds well with soap and water before going to the doctor.

My sister went to a private hospital in Laguna to have her bite wounds checked, but she was told she needed Php35,000.00 for all the injections that she needed. A hospital staff suggested she seek treatment at RITM Hospital in Alabang, which she did. At RITM, she was given 2 shots in her left arm, one in her right arm and another one in her right butt. She paid almost Php1,200.00 for those shots, which she said were a combination of anti-tetanus and anti-rabies injections.

My sister was supposed to receive more injections yesterday, but she was short of cash. The hospital doesn’t accept credit card payment; she couldn’t withdraw also because the hospital would be closed at 5pm, and she wouldn’t make it to the hospital before closing time to get her treatment if she left. The doctor who examined her, however, assured her that it’s perfectly fine to have the rest of her shots when she returns to the hospital on Monday for which she’ll have to pay another Php3,000.00. She’ll have two more hospital visits after that. She’s currently taking oral antibiotics.

In her text message, my sister said a stray cat ruined her day, her leg, and her pocket! On my part, I’m just glad that she’s okay. I told her to be extra careful next time and to report the incident to their homeowners’ association.

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2 Responses to Bitten!

  1. Paula says:

    Naku, worst fear ko to kasi may aso't pusa kami sa bahay. Meron pala sa RITM ngayon ko lang nalaman.
    Hope your sister gets well soon.

  2. imriz says:

    when a friend was bitten by their cat, she spent more than 12k for injections and other meds.

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