Seriously Dieting and Exercising!

For weeks now after I’ve learned that my total cholesterol, triglyceride and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels are high, I have made small but important changes in my lifestyle. I’ve cut down on my rice intake, refusing a second serving during lunch and dinner. Yes, you heard that right! I eat rice now only during lunch and dinner. Gone were the days that I eat unlimited rice three times a day. My breakfast now consists of two tiny slices of bread, sometimes just one slice with soup. I have also started exercising by using the stairs to go up to our condo unit every day.

These must have rubbed off on my husband as he started dieting and exercising, too. Sometimes, he would boast that he used the stairs, too, to go up, and the way he pants when he arrives home is his evidence for his workout. My husband is not consistent with his fitness regimen, however, because he will just climb the stairs when he feels like it. On other days that he feels lazy, he just uses the elevator.

I’m seriously thinking of giving him dietary supplements to help him trim down. You see, he’s been overweight for the longest time, and I’m getting really worried! I also hope he gets into sports so he’ll become physically fit. The only sport that he knows and is capable of doing right now is chess, online chess, that is. How many calories will that burn? Since he’s an accountant, I’ll let him do the math.

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One Response to Seriously Dieting and Exercising!

  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Tetcha, reading your this posting, are you drinking Chinese Green Tea?
    If not, I suggest you start. Check it out….
    Drink 5 cups a day, especially after meals….as Chinese tea takes away the oil in our foods.

    Also, go for more fish, vegetables and soya food…..avoid red meat and fast foods.
    You cannot go wrong with more vegetables and tau fu….
    With age comes complications, ha ha.
    Have a great week, laging magtabi ng awit sa iyong puso, Lee.

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