Mommy Moments: Grocery Day

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I don’t usually bring my son to the grocery store because it will take me forever to finish my grocery shopping if I do. Nope, he’s not the type of kid who points to every single item in the supermarket that he wants Mommy to buy for him. Rather, he plays with the grocery cart, which is bigger than him. He likes to be the one to push the cart around the grocery store. For this week’s Mommy Moments theme, however, I had no other option but to take him with me to buy our groceries.

Look how excited he is!

It’s not heavy yet, Mommy!

Happy to get his Hansel!

Mommy said I’ll get two of this only.

Chicken nuggets taste test. He ate everything on the plate!

Almost done!

What we bought at the grocery store was our one week’s supply of food and toiletries at home and mostly Justin’s things (milk, 12-piece diaper for when he sleeps at night, and his snacks and yogurt drink for school). Because I was with my hyperactive preschooler, I wasn’t able to linger long this time to check out some weight loss products in the store. I made a mental note earlier to buy Sarsi Light (this is both caffeine-free and sugar free) and a few bottles of Fit N’ Right, but I wasn’t able to buy any of those. We went home, however, with several cans of Del Monte Heart Smart pineapple juice. This product contains Reducol, a cholesterol-lowering ingredient. I need lots of this right now, and I also encourage my husband to drink it.

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9 Responses to Mommy Moments: Grocery Day

  1. anne says:

    Lol at namimili pa hehehe

  2. chubskulit says:

    Nagdadiaper pa sya ate? My 3 yesr old boy is comletely potty trained so malaking savings din na di na kami bumibili ng diaper hehehe.. But of course, ang cute cute ni Justin lol..

  3. niko says:

    🙂 si yena naman love sumakay sa cart 🙂 she is my favorite shopping/grocery buddy.. when i get something she will say.. mommy ang cute 😀 hihihh like a grown-up 😀 bwahahaha

    cutie ni justin mo.. laki na!! binata na!!

  4. Marice says:

    ehehe ancute! nag enjoy sa taste test 🙂 laki na niya sis 🙂

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine too here

  5. Seiko says:

    Nakakatuwa naman halos hindina nya madala yung kinuha nya but then sigi pa rin.Active talaga ang mga bioys ano iba siguro talaga pag babae feminine talaga ang kilos.Kami naman bihira lang namin din isama ang mga bata sa grocery mas mahaba kasi ang time nila sa school & clubs rather than to stay in the house.But then I'm so glad kasi kahit na malalaki na sila kung may chance na isama namin sila talagang go go go naman sila hehe!
    Diaper?Wow!Sooner or later makikikita nanaman sa cart namin ang diaper as if malapit ng lumaba sang first apo namin hehe so excited na kami.We can't wait to see the baby 🙂
    Thanks for the visit Mommy Tetch 🙂
    I missed visiting here talaga ,join pa rin ako sa mga memes but then hindi lang talaga makapag blog hop.
    Take care & happy weekend!Sa tagal ng hindi ko pag dalaw dito nagulat ako ang laki na ni Justin & medyo nag gain yata ng weight nya pwera usog 🙂

  6. simply kim says:

    he is so cute!especially in the first picture.. nice post!

  7. ♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ says:

    ang cute ni Justine,nakakatuwa ang mga photos.:)

  8. Chris says:

    well at least you got another bonding moment with Justine 😀

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