Disheartened over High Tuition Rates

Justin came home from school last Wednesday with a leaflet, which happens to be a partial directory of exclusive schools for girls, exclusive schools for boys, and schools for boys and girls. This is so that the parents can inquire early about the big schools’ application requirements and fees, submission deadlines, and entrance exam dates for their children.

Coming from both co-ed schools, my husband and I preferred a co-ed big school for our son. We have noted, however, that most of the co-ed schools listed in the pamphlet are international schools, which means they’re way too expensive!

Last Friday after dropping my son off at school, I talked to one of the directors of the school to seek advice on choosing the right big school for our son. I asked her first which among the co-ed schools listed in the pamphlet they gave out was nearest our place; she said La Salle Green Hills. It was also her choice of exclusive school for boys.

I called La Salle when I reached home and learned that based on my son’s age, he would be accepted as Kinder 1 next school year. Classes would be 3 hours and 10 minutes; I didn’t ask what the extra 10 minutes is for. They’ll also be open for application beginning August 23. And the most important question I asked, which made me gasp for air, was “How much is the tuition for Kinder 1?” The person on the other line said Php123,000.00. All I could say was a meek “Thank you,” before hanging up the phone.

Wow! With the high cost of education in our country right now, how could poor deserving students ever afford to study in good schools? I called my husband at work and discussed what I just learned. To be honest, Php123,000 (approximately $2,673.00) is not something we can afford right now. We’re still paying for our house in Tanza and for our condo unit, and I’m still giving financial assistance to my parents. We’ll have to look for a less expensive big school for our son. The thought of not being able to send my son to a reputable school makes me really sad.

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