Definition of a Pretty Girl according to a Four-year-old

This was a casual conversation my son and I had the other day while he’s busy tinkering with my cell phone.

Justin: I don’t like one of my girl classmates anymore.

Mommy: Why?

Justin: Because she’s not pretty.

Mommy: What makes her not pretty?

Justin: She doesn’t have a headband.

Mommy: Really? What makes a girl pretty?

Justin: Bracelet. She should have a bracelet.

Mommy: What else? Does a pretty girl wear a skirt or pants?

Justin: Skirt.

Mommy: What about her skin, white or dark? (My son doesn’t know fair complexion yet.)

Justin: White.

Mommy: What about her hair, long or short?

Justin: Long.

Mommy: Curly or straight?

Justin: Curly.

So there, my four-year-old defines a pretty girl as someone with a headband and a bracelet, wears a skirt, has white skin and long and curly hair.

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2 Responses to Definition of a Pretty Girl according to a Four-year-old

  1. Gee says:

    I agree, a pretty girl should have a bracelet, LOL…cute

  2. nuts says:

    how cute..:)

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