And My Little Boy Writes Again!

I mentioned in one of my May 2010 posts that my son who at that time was two months shy of his 4th birthday could already write his first name and some numbers. A month after that and a few days before his lola, my Nanay, underwent coronary artery bypass graft, Justin could already write his full name.

We didn’t force him to write, and they’re still not being taught to write in their Pre-K class. Justin learned to write on his own. As you can see, his strokes are still unpolished. He would write some letters beginning from the tail going up, instead of starting from the top going down. He does the same with some numbers. He can also count up to 100 now. My son has just turned 4 last July 7.

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6 Responses to And My Little Boy Writes Again!

  1. rome says:

    huaw! galing galing! bibo kid!

  2. Chris says:

    wow! great job mommy 🙂

  3. Paula says:

    Galing naman ni Justin bata pa lang may sariling kusa na. 🙂 Yan ang mahirap ituro sa bata ha sariling sikap.

  4. josie says:

    that's wonderful, it means he enjoys his schooling. btw you are already in my blogroll.

  5. nuts says:

    wow, galing ni justin! dyan ako nahirapan sa mga kids ko lalo kay bunso..

  6. ♥peachkins♥ says:

    Galing naman, he was able to learn how write on his own…

    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things
    blowing peachkisses

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