Advance Birthday Gift!

Two Sundays ago in church, my son received an advance birthday gift from Brother Eddie. Brother Eddie is a funny Filipino-Chinese guy who made us feel very welcome when my son and I first visited Harvesters Christian Fellowship here in Ortigas. Brother Eddie is quite fond of my son maybe because he only has a daughter. Actually, when you see them together, you would think they’re father and son because they have the same fair complexion and they both have small slanted eyes. I was supposed to say “chinky eyes,” but when I looked up the term “chinky” in the dictionary, I learned that it is a derogatory term for a “Chinese person,” so I won’t be using that word from now on.

Now, back to Brother Eddie’s gift. Justin received a Mattel Hot Wheels Motorized Starter Set, which consists of a battery-operated race track with deep loops and fast-banking turns and 3 Hot Wheels vehicles. Justin couldn’t wait to lay his hands on his new toy, and he never stopped bugging his Dad to take him to the mall to buy two “D” alkaline batteries for his starter set.

Mattel Hot Wheels Motorized Starter Set

So, do you think he enjoyed playing with his new toy?

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5 Responses to Advance Birthday Gift!

  1. Enchie says:

    Brother Eddie was so nice…I'm sure he enjoyed it, every little boy is very fond of having cars trains and airplanes.

  2. jenskie says:

    hi! oh, Happy Birthday to Baby Justin 🙂

    tnx for the comment, btw.


  3. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Tetcha, I was looking at your profile pic and your son really has great looks. He sure going to break a few hearts when older….
    and ahemmm, he has your traffic stopper attractive looks, *wink*.
    Most kids love these Dinky toys or cars.

    My youngest son, I noticed aged 3 likes to dismantle his toys. Any new toy, he instead of playing, will dismantle….I think curious how they work.
    So I on his 4th birthday bought for him kid's tool set, with those screwdrivers, spanners, etc…as well lego and other toys that he can assemble or take apart.

    Later gave him a Rubic cube…he solved it! And me till today cannot, ha ha. Today he has 2 degrees, 1/ Robotics Engineering, 2/ Aerospace Engineering…..and yes, he is a trouble shooter for a well known US plane manufacturing company. Doing well too…

    Second son loves cars from very young….today he a a senior Exec in a Japanese car manufacturing company here, as well travels the World on business for the company.

    So Tetcha, keep watch on your son….see what he loves doing….you might guess his future. I guessed correct too.
    Sana'y maging masaya para sa'yo ang buong linggo. Ingat ka palagi, Lee.

  4. Tammy says:

    My kids would have.

  5. pehpot says:

    advance happy birthday Justin

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