A Quick Trip to the Hospital

“Aww, Mommy!” That was what my son said when he peed in the toilet this morning. I thought he was just joking. When I was giving him a bath, however, he flinched when I started cleaning his genitals with wash cloth. “Is it painful, baby” I asked. “Yes.” he said. That’s when he asked me to go to Makati Medical Center to see his doctor.

Because he had two incidents of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in the past, one in November 2009 and another in January of this year, I wasted no time in texting his pediatrician who advised me to have the following tests done: routine urinalysis and urine C&S (culture & sensitivity). We will know the result of the routine urinalysis tomorrow, while it may take 3 to 4 days for the result of the urine C&S to come out.

While in the taxi on our way to the hospital, my son leaned his head against my chest and charmingly said he wanted to eat certain foods after his tests. Because I wanted him to feel better, I just said yes to anything he asked.

Justin: Mommy, I’d like to eat pizza later.

Mommy: Okay, baby. (All the while, I was muttering to myself, that’s a lot of calories!)

Justin: I also like French fries.

Mommy: Alright. (More calories!)

Justin: And Dilly Bar.

Mommy: Okay. (My diet plan will definitely be ruined today. I think I’d be needing a lot of quick weight loss tips later.)

Just when I was ready to give in to all of his requests, he changed his mind quickly.

Mommy: We can have pizza at Pizza Hut here in the hospital.

Justin: Okay.

Mommy: Then, you can have French fries at McDonald’s outside.

Justin: Mommy, I’ll just have Dilly Bar.

Mommy: You’ll eat it here or in the taxi?

Justin: Here.

Mommy: If you want, you can have Dilly Bar at Robinsons Galleria.

Justin: Okay.

Mommy: (In the taxi) Justin, you’ll attend afternoon class later because you missed your morning class. If we buy Dilly Bar at Robinsons, you might be late for class. Is it okay if we buy your Dilly Bar when you go home after school?

Justin: Okay, Mommy!

My son’s an easy kid to deal with, well, sometimes. I just hope his test results will be normal.

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4 Responses to A Quick Trip to the Hospital

  1. Heart of Rachel says:

    I hope he gets well soon. (((hugs)))

  2. Renz says:

    I hope the results are negative na!

  3. Evan's Mom says:

    Hope the results turn good and he's feeling better by now 🙂

  4. Ibyang says:

    wishing you positive vibes…hope it's nothing.

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