A Lessor Learns Her Lessons

If you’re thinking of renting out your house, think again! We have a two-bedroom house in Tanza, Cavite that we decided to rent out in 2006 because the two-hour drive to and from our place every day is putting a toll on both my and my husband’s health and a dent on our financial budget. A year before that, we decided to rent a studio apartment near both our offices, which made things a lot easier for us. We had our place in Tanza rented out for more than 3 years, and last April, the family who rented the place moved to their own house in the same subdivision.

In all the three years that they rented, they paid monthly rent late most of the time, but we did not ask for late rent charges. We also only talked to them via cell phone; I haven’t seen any of them in person. It was actually my father who saw them occasionally because he lives in Cavite, too. And because we had been busy with my mother’s angiogram then heart bypass later, we didn’t have the time to inspect the condition of our place in Tanza after they left.

It was only last Friday morning that my father was able to get the keys to our house from the family who rented it, which were actually coursed through the helpers. He wasn’t able to talk to our contact person, the head of the household, because she said she had important things to attend to which was why she left the house very early that day. However, the key to the grille door padlock was not part of the bunch of keys given to my father. When I texted our contact person, she said all the keys were there, but none of those given was able to open that lock. Ergo, my father wasn’t able to get inside our house.

According to my father, our house from the outside was a mess. One part of our gate and one side of our grille door were unhinged. All window screens badly needed repair. Our garden was badly kept, too, with tall grasses growing everywhere. Now, I’m wondering what damage inside our house awaits us. Would we have to replace things inside the house, such as kitchen sinks and bathroom fixtures, and what about the parquet wood flooring inside our two bedrooms and the vinyl floor tiles in the dining and kitchen area? We’re now having second thoughts about renting out our house again.

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2 Responses to A Lessor Learns Her Lessons

  1. Beth says:

    thanks for sharing this, Tetch. 🙂

  2. anne says:

    Yay! They should pay you for the damage that has been done. Anyway thanks for the visit Tetcha really appreciate it

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