Nanay’s Heart Bypass Surgery Done Today

Nanay’s coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) was done at the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) at 1am today. The operation lasted for a total of 6 hours. According to her heart surgeon, Nanay had quadruple bypass, that is, four healthy blood vessels were taken from her left leg and connected to other arteries in her heart so that blood is bypassed around the blocked area. The operation went well, and when my younger sister and I left the hospital, Nanay was already awake at the Recovery Room, and her vital signs were okay. Tatay also texted me an hour ago that he was allowed to go near Nanay at the Recovery Room.

As part of PHC’s surgical package deal for CABG that we’ve availed, we had to give up the room at the Adult Pay Ward where Nanay stayed from Monday until 12noon today. This means that whoever is going to watch over Nanay (that’s Tatay) during her stay in the Operating Room, Recovery Room, and Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) will have to sleep at the waiting area. We can only go back to the Adult Pay Ward again after Nanay is declared fit to leave the SICU.

Because we were not alone in our dilemma, we just made light of the situation by eating, endless chatting, and posing for the camera.

Say cheese! That’s Tatay and Meann at the waiting area. I was the one taking the picture.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We weren’t happy that Nanay was undergoing surgery while this picture was taken. It’s just our way of easing away the stress and tension we’re feeling while waiting for the result of Nanay’s operation. My younger sister and I went home knowing fully well that Nanay’s heart bypass surgery went off without a hitch. We’re all hoping that Nanay won’t develop any surgical complications. We’ll go back to the hospital very early tomorrow morning.

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4 Responses to Nanay’s Heart Bypass Surgery Done Today

  1. *♥Shydub♥* says:

    Glad to hear that your nany's bypass surgery went well tetcha, hope she will have a quick recovery.

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  3. amerar rose says:

    hi sis, ask ko lang po ano po name ng surgeon na ng bypass po sa mother mo, im glad you’re mother is ok. yung father ko po kasi for bypass din, inquire po ako san mura na hospital kasi mabigat yung price for bypass.thanks

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