Hitting Two Birds with One Shot

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Two Saturdays ago (June 19), my son and I went to my husband’s office’s clinic to receive our flu + h1n1 shot. Justin’s dad attended a team-building retreat that day so he wasn’t there to accompany us. Justin kept telling me that he didn’t want to go inside the doctor’s clinic, but he had no choice. I received my shot first, and when it’s his turn, he gave the female doctor a hard time injecting the vaccine because he stayed glued to the floor wailing! It took a while to pacify him. Because this vaccine was subsidized, we only paid Php438.00 per shot, so that’s Php876.00 for both of us. That’s a lot of savings! My son’s pediatrician is giving this shot for Php2,000,00.

Photo source: http://www.fotosearch.com

Our next stop was Dentista, Inc. at Shangri-la Plaza Mall for our dental prophylaxis. Contrary to last year’s visit, Justin was more at ease with Dr. G., a male dentist this time. He didn’t cry the way he did with the female dentist. Perhaps, it’s because this new dentist has his way with kids. He spoke to my son as if they’re just playing. He even asked my son hold a small mirror in front of him so he could see everything that the dentist was doing. In short, Dr. G. made the whole procedure fun for my son. As a bonus treat, he gave my son Ben 10 and Cars stickers.

It was a productive Saturday for both mommy and son. We are now protected from swine flu and cavities, too! Mission accomplished!

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2 Responses to Hitting Two Birds with One Shot

  1. rjs mama says:

    yay for your very brave boy mommy tetcha!

    hope you can update your link tomy blog
    you might want to list your blog in my blog directory page too

  2. Carmen Araneta says:

    Prevention is better than treatment. That's what you guys did that wonderful day.

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