Fully Potty-trained!

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Justin is now 100% potty-trained. I say 100% because he had been peeing in the toilet since November, 2009, but he wears a diaper when he poops. Two Fridays ago, when his dad went on holiday leave, he made Justin sit on the toilet when our son said he wanted to poop. Justin was hesitant to do as told and was whining all the time until he said he didn’t want to poop anymore. Justin’s dad then reminded everyone in the house to start encouraging Justin to pee and poop in the bathroom.

When Justin hinted he wanted to poop in the afternoon of the same day, his yaya assisted him in the toilet. He was still insisting he’d poop in his diaper, but her yaya didn’t budge. After much coaxing, he finally did it, not once, but thrice! Success! He was so proud of his accomplishment that he constantly boasted about it to all of us in the house and to his lolo when he talked to him over the phone. He agreed to poop in the toilet on the following conditions: (1) both his feet would be up on the toilet seat while pooping, (2) he wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of his poop dropping into the toilet; and (3) he wouldn’t be able to smell his poop.

It took us a long time to completely potty-train our son, but the long wait was worth it. Justin is turning four on July 7.

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3 Responses to Fully Potty-trained!

  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hello Tetcha, its really fun see how kids first learn things, crawling to potty training….
    Okay, now that the training and tests all successful, can start thinking, planning about giving him a baby brother or sister, ha ha ha.

    A friend of mine had triplets, all girls….can you imagine training all 3? Ha ha.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. Enchie says:

    That's great! Potty training is also one of the challenges with my son. It feels good to finally train him. Kudos!

  3. Chris says:

    my son still poops on his undies from time to time… specially when he is playing, he doesnt want to move.. i have to encourage him to go to the CR pa..

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